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Time To Dance - 230723

$115.00 USD

Ever pass by a tchotchke shop and spy some blocks spelling out L-O-V-E? My first urge is to make a V-O-L-E, yeah I'm that guy. After seeing one of Robert Indiana's LOVE sculptures recently in a museum I was compelled to recombine that with Live-Laugh-Love and you're left with, you guessed it; Live, Laugh, Vole, Time to Dance.

Cyanotype on French Speckletone 100lb Cover bleached and toned with Yerba Mate. This is a Variable Open Edition. This print is individually sensitized,  exposed using sunlight, and printed from a waxed paper negative. Each iteration from it will thus have its own character.

This cyanotype is sized to fit in a commonly available frame for an 8x10" photograph. These frames with a mat, normally have a window opening of 7x9", or 7.5x9.5".

The pricing options shown are to allow for sales both within and outside of New Mexico. The price includes shipping only within the contiguous United States. This artwork cannot be shipped overseas.